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To you

Published in 1994 by 'Editura Universitatii Bucuresti' (Bucharest University Press') the volume is structured into three big chapters: "And then?" "Toward myself" and "I am".

Here is a quote from Ana Blandiana's Forward to this volume:
"Mathematician and poet, Mrs. Elena Liliana Popescu gets into the memorable line of cultural figures whose main representative (in Romania) is Ion Barbu. The unusual meeting between the intensity of mathematical rigor and artistic emotion gave birth-in the crucibles of Romanian language and the modern poetry-to remarkable masterpieces. A rather romantic spirit, inclined toward a meditation of trembling sensibility, Mrs. Elena Liliana Popescu advances with timidity and grace on this road marked by illustrious names, and the literary echo of her steps troubles and moves us."

English version: Adrian George Sahlean

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