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Cânt de Iubire - Song of Love
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Cânt de Iubire - Song of Love

True Beauty has the heavenly-given gift to shine with the immanent inner power of itself - the power of the pure soul inhabiting and incessantly creating it from within, in the glory of a joyful ray of light coming to us from the Spirit of God above.

This century's (post-)modern world, too busy to attend to its fierce and pathetic undoing, keeps being taken aback in sheer surprise whenever simple and noble Beauty shows unexpectedly, full of life and in mighty splendor. So comes to us Liliana Popescu's sweet verse, weaving the harmony of deep mathematical thought with the grace of light poetic expression, for the pure delight of our hearts bosom.

Dan Sluşanschi

English version: Adrian George Sahlean

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