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The land in between Thoughts
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The Land in between Thoughts

"Poetry is not a simple profession, and it should never be so; or even worse, a carrier. The present book also makes us understand that Poetry is a divine gift and, at the same time, a spirit state of life. Our literary journals often host full pages of versified lines. Among these many (so many!), easy- or hard-made verses still emerge, like flowers of light, poems that fully and truly deserve their name. But not all Poets deserving this name walk on the road of literary journals, and some of them, rarely, most rarely, but more preciously then, bring to life, not without sacrifice, poetical jewels enclosed in personal volumes. This is the case of Elena Liliana Popescu, whose verses of rare prosperity, enclosed in a splendid volume, greet us from time to time, like rare beauties. But ''The Land in between Thoughts'' takes us a step further, bringing us toward the hidden mixture forged by the Author, always lively, between mathematics - her main destiny - and poetry - the food for her soul.
In what follows, I can only ask the Reader to behold the hidden springs of these poems, the lively fruit that is never ''made up'', but rather bestowed by the illumination of our Poet.

At the end of this volume, we'll find ourselves already thirsty to get to the next Bandusia well the Poet beckons to us. The rest is naturally meant to remain just silence."

Dan Sluşanschi

English version: Adrian George Sahlean

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