Elena Liliana Popescu To You, My reader!

Try to set aside your daily worries and step with me into this Dream reality we call Poetry. Open wide the gate to your heart, for these lines were written especially for you: born within my heart, they were meant to arise from the world of thought-forms and be clad into word-forms, so that they would appear- with destiny fulfilled - to the ceremony of meeting you, my reader.

Simplicity, which is Truth in essence, can only be expressed though silence: all the words in the world do nothing but attempt to describe this. But it is self-knowledge - the simplest and hardest ideal to accomplish - that is each person's goal and that of the world entire, and to it alone we subordinate our quest. At times, this quest takes the form of poetry.

Poets come and go, but they behind their quest to reveal Poetry's unseen face. For this face looks on us without judgment from beyond the veil of Illusion.

Elena Liliana Popescu

English version: Adrian George Sahlean

Why this site? Because Poetry must get through to those waiting for it! And I cannot begin otherwise, except with a poem, which I consider to be of the soul, belonging to the author, poem already translated in over 30 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Serbian-Croatian, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latin, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Urdu.

Translations of the poem “Dacã”: in Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Georgian, Indonesian and Latin.

If you could ever
Measure the immeasurable,
Take in the boundlessness
And, walking across nothingness,
Be neither one nor the other;

If you could ever
Be love without loving,
Be hope without hoping,
Be speech without speaking,
Be thought without thinking;
If you could ever
Hear the unheard,
Look into the unseen
And learn the unknown-
Would there be a new beginning?

English version: Adrian George Sahlean

Trei Poeme din Europa - Three Poems from Europe

de Elena Liliana Popescu (Ed. Pelerin, 2013, Bucureşti, volum multilingv în 42 de limbi distincte),  prefaţă de Raúl Lavalle, postfaţă de Alfredo Pérez Alencart.


Editura Pelerin, 2013

„Turiya” este scrisă de un autor care a dorit să rămână necunoscut, considerând că este „doar un spectator al acestei lucrări spirituale, care depăşeşte în intensitate şi în imaginaţie orice alt fenomen de pe pământ ce nu este de aceeaşi natură”.


English Version: Adrian George Sahlean
Version Française: Estelle Variot

Editura Pelerin, Bucureşti, România & Editura Destine Literare, Montreal, Canada, 2013, volum trilingv (română, franceză şi engleză)


An Anthology of World's Women Poetry

(Showwe, Taipei, Taiwan, 2013),
translation into Chinese by Lee Kuei-shien

Poems E. L. Popescu - English version by Adrian George Sahlean

Poems E. L. Popescu - English version by Luminita Suse

Poems E. L. Popescu - English version by Theodor Damian

Poems E. L. Popescu - English version by Vlad Copil

El color de la vida

El Color de la Vida

Book dedicated to Cristobal Gabarrón, Spanish painter and sculptor. Published by Sociedad de Estudios y Literarios Humanísticos of Salamanca. The book contains poems signed by 60 poets from different countries of the world.

Poem "Dacă" ("If") published in El color de la Vida (The color of the Life)


Hymn to the Life
(Hymn to Life - Taiwan, December 2011),
by Elena Liliana Popescu
Chinese translated by Lee Kuei-shien


Nicolae Popescu - Omul, matematicianul, mentorul

Nicolae Popescu
Omul • Matematicianul • Mentorul
(The man • Mathematician • Mentor)

Volume dedicated to the great mathematician NICOLAE POPESCU, Member of the Romanian Academy

Bucharest University Press, June 2011
Editor: Elena Liliana Popescu

preface | poems from book  | contributors (pdf format)

Song of Love - 愛之頌
(Taipei, Taiwan, 2010),
bilingual volume of poetry,

English version by Adrian George Sahlean;
Chinese version by Lee Kuei-shien


Dacă / IF
un singur poem

Editura Pelerin, Bucureşti, iunie 2009
E-mail: asociatialit_tie@yahoo.com

Prefaţă: Adrian George Sahlean
Postfaţă: Gheorghe Glodeanu

more (pdf format)

We are thrilled to let you know that the audio disc "Eminescu – Eternal Longing, Imposible Love" and the bilingual companion book published at the same time (Romanian title "Eminescu – Eternul Dor, Imposibila Iubire") with the same design and English title as the CD are finally out. The CD / book are currently available on-line at www.luceafarul.com where you can purchase either one separately or www.cdfreedom.com/artists/adriansahlean.

Poems of Liliana Popescu translated in english by Theodor Damian
read here

Si immensum nos metiri
aliquando possimus
infinitumque ambire
atque, per nihilum euntes,
neque hoc esse neque illud...

Si possimus aliquando
amorem esse non amantes,
spem esse non sperantes,
verbum esse non loquentes,
mentem esse non cogitantes...

Si possimus aliquando
inaudibile audire,
invisibile videre
et ignotum discere,
essetne novum principium?

Carmen latine reddidit Radulfus Lavalle

Poems of Liliana Popescu translated in italian by Stefano Strazzabosco.
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Poetry in Urdu

Poems of Liliana Popescu translated in a Urdu by Raza Choudary.
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  To you
  The Land in between Thoughts
  Song of Love

International Culturally Event in Mexico
The Seminary of Mexican Culture, in collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, under the patronage of the Government of the state Michoacán, had organized on October 7 - 12, 2003 the 5-th edition of The Meeting of Poets from the Latin World (Encuentro De Poetas Del Mundo Latino), in Ciudad de México and in Morelia. At the organization of this event have also collaborated: The Institute of Culture of Michoacán, The University San Nicolás de Hidalgo from Michoacán, The National Autonomous University from Mexico, The Institute of Fine Arts and the General Department of Cultural and Civic Relations of the National Council for Culture and Art.

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