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Flying. Dream and destiny
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Flying. Dream and destiny

Edition put together by Elena Liliana Popescu

Contains three cycles of poems and diary pages of the poet aviator George Ioana.

A sincerely homage dedicated to the airplane pilot Gheorghe Ioana, member of the glorious Air Forces of Romania
(President of the Air League of Romania, Flight Comandor Ion DiCezare, Knight of Mihai Viteazul Order and Air Virtue, Knight class, April 24, 1999)

Selection from the Preface:
George Ioana born on November 28, 1922, in Lita, Teleorman county, Romania. "In a small house situated by the dusty road", "under the pale moonshine light sent through the window", "time stopped to receive a tiny being in the multitude of earthly concerns and sufferings", in "the Leave of Seculum Eve" as he puts it himself, later, in a diary from which we present a few pages in the present book.

George Ioana left us, may be not hazardously, on December 9, 1990, in exactly the same day when 50 years from his first flight were completed. He describes this flight with such an emotion and passion in his diary; his last flight, was of a different kind this time, toward other and may be better worlds.

During his life he published a series articles of his specialty in journals, in the local newspaper "Viata Buzaului", and in the central media, too. He brought out articles on literary themes, even some poems, in magazines appearing in Buzau, where he was a member of a literary circle. His passion for study and reading, manifested since his early age, was his companion along his life. Another of his hobby was chess, winning prizes, medals, cups at different competitions, where he regularly participated as a member of the sports club "Spartac" from the town.
He has succeeded to bring about his childhood dream of flying. But another dream he had, that of publishing in a volume his literary attempts, containing poems, a diary and a versified drama, did not fulfill during his life.

We hope that the appearance of this posthumous book, had at least partially succeeded to accomplish this dream.
We have tried to include in the pages of this volume a selection of the poems written by the poet aviator during his earthly life, many of them being written in his young age as ''airplane pilot''; these may get high the enthusiasm of young aviators, those lively wonderful moments, in beauty and intensity alike. They may awake lived memories from another period of time, moving in another rhythm, with the special enthusiasm of the young age, for those who had fly in those times, hardly tried by war, witness and participants, like the author, at such a tangled epoch. This hot epoch is reflected in the volume by his special poetic language and the accurate information enclosed in the pages of the diary or in the official flying note book no. 1 of the young aviator, and also by the images that gets to us from the photos that caught aspects of life full of enthusiasm and fine character of aviators from another era. Reader's experience, no matter what his own interests may be, attracted by his own sensibility of knowing that historical period loaded by events, will be enriched in a special manner by reading the following pages...

E. L. Popescu

English version: Adrian George Sahlean

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