Elena Liliana Popescu To You, My reader!

Try to set aside your daily worries and step with me into this Dream reality we call Poetry. Open wide the gate to your heart, for these lines were written especially for you: born within my heart, they were meant to arise from the world of thought-forms and be clad into word-forms, so that they would appear- with destiny fulfilled - to the ceremony of meeting you, my reader.

Simplicity, which is Truth in essence, can only be expressed though silence: all the words in the world do nothing but attempt to describe this. But it is self-knowledge - the simplest and hardest ideal to accomplish - that is each person's goal and that of the world entire, and to it alone we subordinate our quest. At times, this quest takes the form of poetry.

Poets come and go, but they behind their quest to reveal Poetry's unseen face. For this face looks on us without judgment from beyond the veil of Illusion.

Elena Liliana Popescu

English version: Adrian George Sahlean
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Elena Liliana Popescu

If you only knew

If You only knew,
how much I yearn for You,
though You’re in my heart!
How great the sadness
to see You
only in my dream.

I miss You so,
though You’re with me always...
How deep the pain
to hear You
only in my thoughts.

How hard it is
when I seek You
and find You only
when You want to be found.

You’ve drifted

You’ve drifted among other thoughts
Far from the first one,
And till you return,
You can neither leave nor stay...

How right am I, I wonder?

How right am I, I wonder,
to judge with mind distorted
by faulty understanding
In a World created perfect?

Without knowing

How many compromises
A man makes eagerly
for the smallest pleasure –
unaware it passes
leaving behind
a bridgeless abyss
he must cross some day.

In a suspended moment

You’re still afar...
Long is the path
in this exile
chosen, in a suspended moment,
between death and life

Hymn to Life

We long forever for the Sea
from the sea of Remembrance
We long for the Distance
from the distance to the Horizon

We long forever for the Sky
from the sky of Memory
We long for the Ephemeral
from the ephemeral in Nature

We long for the unborn
In what is born
Or the unknown /(unrecognized –in original)
in what is known

Within you lies the poet
Within you, poetry
Within you lies the prophet
Within you, the prophesy

Within you lies the voice
Within you the silence
Within you lies the thought
Within you the never-thought

Within you the quest
Within you the fathomless
Within you the question
Within you lies the answer

Nothing unchanged
Nothing impermanent
Nothing undiscovered
Nothing ignorant

Remembrance lies hidden
in all that is unknown
Immortality is hidden
in all that has been lost

Find the truth
In what was forgotten
Only He is all-knowing
of all that is created. 

Hymn to Silence

He who still longs to put
his feelings into poetry,
who is a guest at this royal banquet
inspiring his humble fantasy

Who brings all he has as offering
to Him who is Life itself,
who forever returns to the sources
and learns anytime from the advice

Of anyone willing to teach him,
who dares look on in silence—
and find in random deeds
Him who, Alone, fully knows their pain

And keeps them alive through Love—
who tries to capture in poems
the living Essence hidden in secret potions,
extracting from Life’ canvas

What the Painter wished to show
through shadows on the Face of Immortality;
who dares to speak to humankind
with ephemeral verses

Dipping his quill in mute despair,
reviving hope, spreading with words
his love of all there is
and all he has learned;

Who once had so much to say
with his contrived rhymes—
could he then write one more poem
that is not the one of the endless Silence?

Only one song

Only one petal
enwraps the Universe
Only one vestal
gives wing to the verse

Only one quest
beckons the pilgrim
Only one event
encounters destiny

Only one gaze
searches infinity
Only one memory
preserves the unconquered

Only one resurrection
saves humanity
Only one wealth
is no burden to nature

Only one essence
lives alive is in all
Only one absence
makes us whole

Only one path
leads you to yourself
Only one question
makes answers live

Only one thought
opens the door to freedom
Only one song
makes all experience soar.

Tell me

 To my husband, Nicolae
You never believed
you could win by
giving up weapons,
and would find your freedom
only by fighting your own image.

You will no longer look at yourself
in mirrors that show you
weak or arrogant,
brave or coward,
when you wish it…
You heard that before
but never believed it…

What can your image be
in a mirror-less country?
You will ask yourself,
again, and will find out
only if you let the answer
come by itself.

What can you lose
when the only possible reality
is your quest?
Which way to go—
the traveler asks,
unaware it is the only road
to follow...
And where to go
if he is already there—
even if he doesn’t know yet
who will win...
What competition is more feared
than when you are
the only stubborn player?

But how can you keep fighting
when your opponent wears only
your image
as his lucky charm?

“Abandon all hope” you were told—
so you really can hope!

But tell me, what good is hope
for one who has everything,
or knows the way back
when he has already arrived?


Words pass into eternity
words rival first in rhyme to be
words slowly fall apart and die
words soar unto the sky to fly
words move into your heart and bide
words worlds of secrets in them hide
words–gentle murmur of a spring
words–whisper and excitement bring
words worlds of secrets in them hide          
words move into your heart and bide
words soar unto the sky to fly
words slowly fall apart and die
words rival first in rhyme to be                    
Words pass into eternity

When everything is lost

The clock did not stop
but hours no longer show
on Time’s dial,
which has come to a standstill, contemplating.

Perspective still works,
but objects are no longer clear
against the pure expanse
of unnamed Space.

Life has not ended but death
no longer looms at the horizon
waiting for someone to rise up
sometime, somewhere, in the land of oblivion...

Everything is as it used to be
though nothing has meaning
when lost in a timeless space,
in a spaceless time…

English version by Adrian George Sahlean

Copyright © 2003- 2007

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