Elena Liliana Popescu To You, My reader!

Try to set aside your daily worries and step with me into this Dream reality we call Poetry. Open wide the gate to your heart, for these lines were written especially for you: born within my heart, they were meant to arise from the world of thought-forms and be clad into word-forms, so that they would appear- with destiny fulfilled - to the ceremony of meeting you, my reader.

Simplicity, which is Truth in essence, can only be expressed though silence: all the words in the world do nothing but attempt to describe this. But it is self-knowledge - the simplest and hardest ideal to accomplish - that is each person's goal and that of the world entire, and to it alone we subordinate our quest. At times, this quest takes the form of poetry.

Poets come and go, but they behind their quest to reveal Poetry's unseen face. For this face looks on us without judgment from beyond the veil of Illusion.

Elena Liliana Popescu

English version: Adrian George Sahlean
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Elena Liliana Popescu

So close…

Life constantly teaches you and you avoid the answer
to the simplest questions, paying for carelessness
always with suffering, almost unbearable,
and you look for the culprit, always looking somewhere else,
prolonging the agony of the idolized egoism.

You refuse to believe that all is given to you and you do not want
to rejoice, watching chimera after chimera
from a day to another day, from a thought to another thought,
from a life to another life, from an universe to another,
from a mystery to another, endlessly.

Once again, you have let the passing away of the moment
in which you could look at yourself, the only mirror
that shows you exactly the way you are, preferring
those that deform, so you can fool yourself
once again and wander through the labyrinth…

Colors fascinate you, as well as the shadow,
the quest becoming more and more difficult,
tantalized by the charm of the unknown shades
from refined mixtures of good and bad,
wrapped in spasm, in sensations, and in the new.

You’ve looked for me, without knowing, in every peregrine thought,
with the despair of that who has never seen
where forgiveness, light, and love, springs from,
wearing the wound from the soul, live, unhealed,
thorough galaxies distorted by space and time.

Oh, how much sadness is in the world, you’ve told yourself so many
times, resuming what seemed to be your hard life,
without renouncing any of the thoughts
that forced you into the turmoil of bitter happenings:
you’ve only wanted to live forever like that…

You have wandered running along the twisted paths
of despair, nurturing with sick images
your nightmares, or aiming for the more,
for the better, without realizing how close
you have been to what has always been yours.

You know no more…

The softness of the voice that knew how to alleviate,
without the voice remains today.
You do not know what happened to you anymore,
nor who you were, or who you are left to be…


The ardor of limitless yearning is the gate,
thought which the pilgrim, weak and tired
of endless roads can go through
now that he reached the end,

When he does not believe in mercy anymore,
how many times he hurt being mistaken
in his life moments spent
like waves in their eternal fluttering

On your way

When you leave, you take with you an entire world.
Upon coming back, you rediscover it changed
Like you, it seems to be returning but, it actually
stays the same, forever  unmoved, inside.

Thousands of colors delight your senses.
If you go past them on your way towards yourself,
you won’t see them, hidden is the entire world,
drawn back into the essence of destinies.

O, how many landscapes, for you,
the nature of your mind shows you!...
A labyrinth of serpentine-thoughts
which you hope to escape from, sometime.

You squint

Another sky rises above the clouds.
Other clouds traverse now another Olympus.
You squint into another distance,
that you will journey in the new Time.


Where is the dream? The World asks itself.
Where is the path? The Evolution asks.
Where is the wave? The Sea answers.
Where?.. The echo emphasizes the Question.

Same landscape

The same landscape projects
its reflections into the violet sea.
In the same sky, new stars incarnate
nourished with His secret light.

In the same sky, other stars twinkle
serving Him through secret ardor.
The same landscape regenerates
the reflections into the violet sea.

Leave me the hope

(From Orihuela, his and our village,
went away like lightning, Miguel Hernandez,
with whom we loved so much)

To distant solitary shores, and so in love,
death took you away with her…
You’ll rediscover your blooming almond trees,

the lost friend, so dear to you once.
You’ll tell him about everything that happened
when you were left alone in your pain,

on the field foaming with almonds,
when like lightning he left
following your destiny, toward freedom.

Sitting together under the perfumed fig
at dawn, you would’ve told him
where life had taken you,

and if you had had to come back,
still a fighter, poet and in love with nature,
you would’ve been reborn, despite great pains…

So passionate of life, and love,
you would’ve hugged your sons, strongly,
taking their breaths away,

and the sweetheart that you had left for a while.
You’ll look for hidden elixirs…
A good friend in yourself you’ll find.

Confident in your own destiny,
one day you’ll come back like a flash
mastering your own impetuous nature
and unable to live without Poetry…

So that you find out

I let you travel,
to find out about the diversity
that is reflected in unimaginable colors,
aromas, or life faces,
I guided your unsure steps
so that you could glimpse into the mirrors
where you rest your eyesight,
even for a moment,
your unknown face.

I watched over, when you were flying,
from a continent to another,
from a time to another,
to find out more about more,
about the unseen face
of the miracle that reached the clouds,
of the temples forgotten in the solitude
of the unreachable mountain summits,
or in the cave depths.

I inspired you when you chose the lucky
coast – you told your self – of the peninsula,
to treasure life more and to see beyond
thousands of arms of the one
who took away with her the sea of bodies
deprived of the life that continued to live
in the souls suddenly summoned to leave ,
and in the hearts of those left only with live
memories, tears, and the challenge to understand.

Malaysia, December 2004

Toward other worlds

From the life that had seemed once eternally
Reflected on the bright faces,
Only flags at half-mast remained:
The light of their life had left for other worlds…

Malaysia, December 2004


The first to pass by
was the summer,
the season you loved so much
for its light and its intense colors,
and for the clarity of the sunshine,
without having to meet once
after that stilled day
although, on both sides,
the longing had consumed us
and the golden autumn came
filled with aromas of quince, apples,
juicy pears and grapes,
satiated with earth’s sweetness
and the blessing heat
granted by the recently passed summer,

And then, the autumn
of coming back home
from journeys,
the season you admired for the
landscape slightly filled with sadness,
yet charming in its richness
of rusty nuances of the forests,
autumn also passed by, slowly,
without us walking together
on the alleys warmed by the kind sun
of the harvesting time,
without us remembering
the restless blue-green of the sea,
like we used to do during our last trip,
in that unforgettable summer
it seems so far away now
when we didn’t realized
that what we had was unrepeatable
in this life,

And that is how, unnoticeably,
winter came,
bright and cold,
like the one that welcomed you
just when the renewal season
of the crude green, resembling the hope,
had given way to a seemingly
starting summer,
the winter that will never end,
persisting like an open wound
in a process of endless

English version by Luminita Suse

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